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(Español) Viernes 17/10/2014


(Español) Viernes 17/10/2014


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La Sra. Tomasa

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Chicos y Mendez

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Los Niños de los Ojos Rojos

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What resources?

Esperanzah! is free, so it is seeking for fund rising to obtain the necessary deposits through the selling of drinks and food during the festival. Because of that, we ask the participants to consume solely products sold in the festival. Most of all, because they are not expensive. There goes the list of prices:

In the second place, because it is easier to manage the waste and not to cause problems in the Parc Nou. The experience is clear to all respect and it tells us that Esperanzah! is a clean and responsible festival. Nevertheless, open-air drinking session and travelling vendors’ tins have an impact on the cleanliness, park’s aspects and, sometimes, in the generation of plants damage.

And in the third place, because each sold drink or food helps to fund this dream: wages, production food and volunteers work are paid. Each drink consumed out, implies that this festival can’t go on. This is an example of the commitment of the social base that makes possible Esperanzah! with the festival.

We are conscious that these lines can bring criticism from some ones, but every year, we have problems on these matters and, consequently, we want to be honest and clear. The drink is 60% of the gains of the festival and that is the reason why it only sells drinks of the organization. The food is the 40% rest and this section is open for those people and groups who want to sell food in the festival and share their benefits with it.

Other aspects that can help economically the festival are the following: some subventions, contributions in kind, the crowfunding campaign, some sponsorship… They are all formulas of great interest as each tree makes the forest; Especially if previously, we could form a rich and vibrant land.

The campaign #avaloesperanzah allows us to get the 50% of the festival’s budget in an anticipate way by means of a system of communal endorsement. What is desirable is that the festival can obtain the necessary resources in a self-sufficient way and, with it can be paid all the costs of the festival.

The equation is simple. We are convinced that there is a festival with the aim of drawing at least 5000 festival-goers during the three days of the festival. A 7’5€ average of cost by attendant (*two drinks and something to eat) (**taking into account the cost of the raw material and taxes included. The drink is not counted as a cost of the organization’s budget as it is paid by those who consume it) is the 37.500€ that we need in order to cover comfortably the expenses of the festival. We are convinced that this numbers is going to be better and then, we will be able to pass to the second phase of our plan that we will explain to you in the following Clear accounts part.

A way of enjoying and providing a little economic effort as the festival is possible. Once more, we need the community, we need people who believe that this model is possible.

If you want further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.